7 quick takes friday (vol.16)...

OK this is a little different for me. I saw this the other day (HT: Aggie Catholics) and I was intrigued. This is not something I think about very often. However death and dying is something we should think about and be prepared for. Msgr Charles Pope is very direct and clear about how we should be living our life. He does not mince words in this excerpt of a funeral sermon he gave some time ago. Listen and take it to heart. I know I did.
Msgr Pope, thank for your strong witness to the truth of eternity and what we need to do to achieve heaven.

Parenting is tough. There are highs and lows with each season of this journey. This week I have experienced both. As more time passes I realize how dedicated my own parents were to making sure they always spoke the truth with love. Sometimes there was tough love. I think the hardest thing for me as a parent of a young adult is realizing that my son needs to experience failure, pain and loss to learn and grow into the man God is calling him to be. This is never an easy thing to witness but I finally got it through my thick Mama skull to step away prayerfully and not interfere. There is a natural rhythm in this dance of maturity. God is in control. He has a plan. I just need to step out of the way and encourage J to seek God's direction, make his own decisions and live with whatever the outcome is.

These M&M treats are the best! They are quick and easy and solve my salt/sweet craving every time. You can check out the recipe here.

This is an absolutely wonderful Christmas Song with a message that we all need to hear and really take into our hearts this season...Enjoy I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day sung by Casting Crowns...


So last weekend I went to see Disney's new animated picture The Princess and the Frog. The animation was brilliant, the music made you tap your feet. The overall theme of family is more important than money is a solid one. However the story had a few weak points and I have to say I was very disappointed with the movie.

I thought the voodoo was creepy and scary for little kids (I had a few moments of ick myself). The evilness of the Voodoo King was so real and very dark.

*Spoiler Alert* They actually KILL a character on screen. Well actually you see everything leading up to the shocking moment and then BAM it's over. I was stunned. There were a few little ones who actually gasped and were crying. I haven't been this disturbed by a Disney film since The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Needless to say, I don't recommend it.

I have made my writing goals for the New Year. I will keep them to myself for now. Not to worry...I will share eventually. I always do!

In-laws arrive in five days. I am not ready BUT I have made my to-do list and will be reporting to battle stations in the morning. Mrs. Meyers Verbena/Lemon household products...here I come! This will be followed by a small but festive wrapping party with me, myself and all the presents.

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Happy Friday Everyone!
Blessings and Grace,