new book for bloom!

Any long time reader of this blog knows I LOVE to read. I'll read anything from a cookbook to a science book. I am privilege to be a member of a very large online book club called BLOOM. One of the founding members is Angie Smith whose blog I have followed from the beginning and have mentioned here many times. It is made up of people of all socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. Most members are practicing Christians from many different denominations. I really enjoyed the first book selected Crazy Love all about how our God really loves us with a crazy kind of love. It was uplifting while being very direct about the type of Christian we are all called to be.

The next title was announced yesterday. It's called Same Kind of Different As Me written by Ron Hall and Denver More. For more information on the book just click the title. I am looking forward to the discussion on this one.
Happy Reading!

Introducing Bloom Selection #2 from angie smith on Vimeo.