sew liberated's holiday traditions exchange...

Holiday Traditions Exchange 2009

When Sew Liberated announced her 2009 Holiday Traditions Exchange I was so excited. I have been a follower of her blog for some time now and loved the creative things people came up with last year. So I signed up and was assigned a partner, Joanne in Seattle. We exchanged information and then got to work. These were the instructions.

To your partner, you will send:

1.) One handmade holiday decoration. Decorations made from any kind of medium are acceptable – from fabric to yarn, paper to paint.

2.) Your family's favorite holiday recipe.

3.) A “Tradition” Tutorial. This is description of one of your family’s special holiday traditions. If needed, you should provide step by step instructions. (For example, if your family makes graham cracker candy houses each year, you would provide more concrete instructions.) You might also consider sending along a couple of photos of the tradition in action.

I decided to share my families St. Nicholas Day traditions. I sent her my recipe for Spekulatius as well as a dozen cookies. I also sent a history of St. Nicholas as well as what the tradition entails. Here is the ornament that I stitched for Joanne and her family.

I hope that she likes it. I can't wait to see what she thinks. This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to being even more creative next year.
Merry Christmas Joanne!