still small voice...

Today has been a nightmare. I am usually a pretty cheerful person filled with joy and always ready for a good laugh. Today...not so much. I have been running around for weeks like a crazy woman trying to get everything done on the perpetual to-do list that runs in my head. Then came a blizzard leaving me home bound and three more days behind on that perfectionist to-do list. The in-laws arrive in two days and I am feeling ill prepared and downright ill tempered with everything that must be done.'s just too much.

After burning a batch of cookies (a sure sign that the world is coming to an end!) and dealing with 20 year old drama and attitude I set off on my last two errands. As I began circling the fourth rung of hell while waiting in the endless check out line, disaster struck. I realized that I had locked my keys and cell phone in the car. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I have never done that. EVER!

I called my hubby from the courtesy phone and told him what happened. I closed my eyes and prayed he would not be upset. I knew what and inconvenience I would be causing him. Two of us didn't need to be in a fowl mood or nothing would get done! God was so good in that moment because Jerry laughed. He said it was a sign that we needed to make some changes or we would both have a miserable Christmas. My husband rode in on his white horse and rescued his damsel in distress. I was this close to losing it when my guy arrived with a smile on his face and a hug for his girl.

Why oh why do I do this to myself every year. My expectations get out of hand and I end up making myself and everyone around me miserable. You would think that I would learn my lesson. I got into my van and began the trek home following my hubby. I turned on the radio and I heard this angelic voice. I took a deep breath and listened, really listened. Once again in the still small voice of my heart, God spoke to me. HE is the REASON for the SEASON! He LOVED me so much He gave His LIFE for me. What is more important than that? NOTHING!

"Through HIM who gives me strength ALL things are possible"
Phil 4:13

I thank God for the reminder of WHY I am here and WHO I serve. His mercy and grace are never ending gifts no matter what the season.

Blessings and Grace,