hissy fit...

I promised I would be more authentic and bold in my blogging this year so buckle in my friends. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Have you ever thrown a hissy fit? You know the kind I mean. A foot stompin, finger snappin, red faced, yell at the top of your voice, possibly thorwing the sofa pillows hisy fit! Be honest...

Yep, so have I. But this week, this first week of the New Year after I have carefully laid out my resolutions, gotten my schedule down and really felt like I was in the driver's seat for the first time in a long time, do not mess with me and my day planner - this week I have already thrown two and it's only MONDAY! The worst part is, I don't think anyone is paying attention. I am just that crazy woman yelling and acting all crazy like in her living room. I don't even think Zanex would help.

What is all the fuss about you ask? What was my tipping point? Oh my dear friends, the list is so long I would be typing for a month and that still wouldn't cover it all. Let's just say it involves 20 year old sons, unbending husbands, a whole bunch of other stuff AND constant hot flashes. NOT GOOD!

So here is my question for the day...when things are stressing you out and everyone in the universe is standing on your very LAST nerve...what do you do? Is there a saint you call on? a prayer you say? Do you do something special?

I am open to ANY ans ALL suggestions my friends so don't be shy. I am totally serious. HELP!!!

I am going to go now. There is a box of chocolate with my name engraved on it. Can you feel that wind blowin?


*image found at http://tmtomh.blogspot.com/2009/01/microwave-etiquette.html