(in)couraging poetry...

OK. Time for an honesty check. I love to write. Essays, letters, articles, menu's, memoirs, fiction, you name it and I have probably written it at some point in my 42 years. Poetry however...not so much. It intimidates me, makes me feel uneducated. The nuance escapes my writers brain. The words are so beautiful and they sing from the page. I just can't write that.

So when Robin gave us a challenge today, I read it and moved on. Something nagged at me though. Something said go back and rise to the challenge. Who cares if it's awful, who cares if it doesn't make sense...TRY! So I read the post again just to have some idea of what the heck a haiku was, then I sat down said a prayer and wrote this. I hope you like my interpretation of winter and if I messed it up, just pretend I'm brilliant. I don't think my fragile poetry ego can take the rejection.

cold bark stripped naked
promise of a new springtime
waiting peacefulness

My first haiku. Whew! I did something new today. How about you? Won't you join me? Leave a comment with a haiku about winter. Check out the (in)courage site for Robin's post. Then let the creative spirit move you.

Blessing and Grace my friends,

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