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Below is my interview of Kimberly Hahn and a review of her new series of books. They are fabulous! They speak to the heart of every woman no matter what phase of life you are in. Leave a comment here or @ Phases of Womanhood to be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of one of the first two in the series.
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Beloved and Blessed: Biblical Wisdom on Family Life
"I have been a fan of Kimberly Hahn’s work for the last fourteen years. Rome Sweet Home and Life-Giving Love: Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage, each written with her husband Scott Hahn, are dog-eared classics in our home. I still give Life-Giving Love as a wedding gift because it has such a powerful message.

Earlier in my marriage I listened to a series of talks Kimberly had given to Franciscan University students, both married and unmarried, called More Precious Than Jewels. Kimberly used Proverbs 31 as her blueprint for what we are called to as wives and mothers.

Last year Servant Books published the first in a four-book series based on these talks, as well as on new material: Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage. Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart, is the second book in the series, They are wonderful tools for women today--filled with Sacred Scripture and Catholic teachings as well as practical applications for marriage and homemaking. They also speak to anyone seeking God’s will in her life no matter what phase of womanhood she is in.

The third installment of this incredible series arrives in bookstores in February 2010. It’s called Beloved and Blessed: Biblical Wisdom on Family Life. The first four chapters are on the intimacy of marriage--the physical relationship and more--followed by 12 chapters on openness to life and parenting.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Kimberly about her work supporting women and marriage. For starters, I asked what she thought was the biggest challenge facing young women today."