pantry challenge...

OK my dear friends get ready for a little food challenge. This month I have decided to join Money Saving Mom and Life as a Mom for their Eat From the Pantry Challenge. What are the rules? NO RULES! Well no published rules anyway. Each participant gets to make up their own rules tailored to the needs of their family.

Why would I think this is a good idea? Well with J-man moving back home and me working part-time life has gotten a little crazy lately and the food budget has begun to soar as I have bought more convenience items. So in keeping with the spirit of my New Years Resolutions here are my families rules:

1. Fully utilizing everything in the pantry and freezer, I will make a menu plan for the next four weeks.
2. I will shop ONCE every two weeks for fresh items including produce and dairy.
3. I will spend NO MORE than $50 each trip on these items.
4. I will still participate in the I Heart Cooking Clubs and The Barefoot Bloggers Challenges. There will be at least two opportunities for "specialty meals" this month. These will be included in the challenge as well.
5. The money saved this month will go to savings (ie. The Dave Ramsey Plan)

The challenge for me will be to spend as little money as possible this month on food items. Anyone else care to join me? Leave a comment as we travel through this month. I will publish my menu plan next Monday (1/11). It will be a four week plan that includes the meals from this week since I already started the challenge.

I am looking forward to seeing what my kitchen muse and I come up with. It should be quite the culinary adventure.
Bon Appetite!