thinking of spring...

LOVE the color and the simple line. It could be dressed up with accessories and heals or worn with flats and sweater. So versatile.

So we are halfway through January and new seasons of Project Runway AND What Not to Wear are both back!! I am in reality TV heaven!! It has me thinking about what I want to make for Court and myself in the coming months. I LOVED Emilio's winning look on Project Runway. The workmanship was phenomenal and the fabric choice was really spectacular. I think this will be one of the best season's ever! I am officially inspired.

The temperature outside might actually hit 50 degrees today. We're having a heat wave baby! The sunshine and warmer weather make me think of bright colors and sweet feminine dresses. My email box is filling up with wonderful advertisements from every retailer you can imagine. The most inspiring for me at the moment is Anthropologie. Thier collection is full of color, flirty shapes and tons of little details that take a plain jane frock to a sophisticated silhouette.

This is freakin fantastic! The proportions would work with ANY figure type. I love the details. That is what really makes a piece special and as a seamstress the world is my oyster. I love it!

This dress is just sublime. The neckline is my friend. The flounce at the bottom is so lovely. Again, not a huge fan of the fabric choice, but I could see it in sapphire blue or a lovely sunny yellow.

NOT loving the color at all, BUT the neckline is intriguing. I could see it on coral or pink with cute flats or silver high heels. FABULOUS!

So there you have it. My current inspiration for spring. Combine the above silhouettes with fabric from Anna Marie Horner, Heather Bailey or Sandi Henderson and we have a fun colorful Spring. Now for the hard part: make time to sew.

Happy Saturday!