7 quick takes friday (vol. 20)...

Northern Virginia has gone insane!! Apparently a little snow storm is coming our way in a matter of hours which means the the snow PANIC button has been pushed in a HUGE way. The governor has declared a state on emergency, schools are out, and if you had any desire for fresh produce or dairy products...you are out of luck baby. I would try the state of Pennsylvania. They might have some. I waited in line yesterday for 50 minutes to get through the cashier for five items in my cart! What I would give for some fresh green onions. Three stores, no green onions. Seriously!!
Where is my hot chocolate! This is ridiculous!

In anticipation of being home bound for three to five days I have cued the DVD player. We have "Food Inc.", "The taking of Pelem 123", the BBC productions of "North and South" and "Jane Eyre" and "Love Happens". So we will think, cry and sigh. I'm good with that.
Any other recommendations?? Leave a comment and let me know.

It's snow days like this that make me wish I knew how to knit. I picture myself sitting next to the fire, knitting a beautiful blanket or sweater.
Of course I don't have a fire place either.
Oh well. A girl can dream...

I am working on my freezer plan for February. As usual, I am three steps behind in my timing but I will get there. Right now I have bean and cheese burritos and a few soups. With all the snow insanity, food inspiration is lacking.

LOVED this weeks challenge on Project Runway. It's always fun to watch the designers deal with a "real woman's" figure. So many of them freak out! Do they not understand that in the end we are the ones buying their clothing. Seriously people have you never seen boobs and hips! Oy Vey!
Loved the winning look by Amy. So elegant!!

Let's talk Super Bowl. Since apparently I will be home bound for this years game, my husband has made a few foodie suggestions. what do you think??
Chili con Queso
Chicken Poppers
Sausage Wonton Cups
Veggies and Dip
Gotta say...eh. It's football food. Not feeling inspired. All I see is heartburn and LOTS of snow.



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Have a great weekend everyone.
Blessing and Grace,