love a little...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So I am going to borrow and idea from Kelle over @ Enjoying the Small Things.

On this day what are three things you LOVE about life??

I LOVE the man who has stood beside me for almost 22 years through every devastation and celebration life can bring.

I LOVE the lovely 17 year old who sits next to me unable to see me, talk to me or hug me, yet with one smile she loves me for an eternity. I am honored to be her mother.

I LOVE what God does with failed plans and a 20 year old son who is searching for his place in this world wondering what God wants of him. It is amazing to watch prayer in action. AMAZING! He is always with us...always!

Bonus Love:
YOU!! My wonderful readers who come by and say hello sharing our journey through this crazy thing called life!

So leave a comment and tell me the three things you LOVE!! Can't wait to read them.

Blessings and Grace...

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