making peace...

I have spent the last ten days in yoga pants. Now some of you might find this to be a good thing. However, I only wear my yoga pants at home. That means...I have been homebound for ten days. To be completely truthful I have had a brief affair with my jeans and boots for a Valentine's date, church on Sunday and one meeting last Saturday night. Other than that it's been me and yoga pants.

I love my yoga pants. They embrace my curves and declaring their true love with their elastic waist. They have allowed for bread baking and quilt making in comfort while the snow has piled up outside my window.

I love the look of snow, the beauty and majesty of God breathing purity and light out into the world. Unfortunately, I have noticed over the course of the past week that my temper is shorter and my yoga pants are tighter with each passing day. The walls have been moving in a teeny bit everyday and my smile has all but disappeared. I woke up this morning and realized it's time for me and my yoga pants to part ways. It is time to squeeze into those beautiful denim dreams, put on those boots and get back out into the world and live once more. It's time to embrace the wind and beautiful winter landscape living in this moment that I have been given by My Creator.

Dear Yoga Pants,
Thank you for loving me through hot chocolate and movie marathon's . Thank you for accepting ALL of me and not creating an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. I will never forget our time together. They say if you love something you must set it free. I release you, my sweet yoga pants. I pray you do not return for many, many, many months.

PS. Could you please take a little ice and snow with you...pretty please...pretty, pretty please??

This is my first time participating in Tuesdays Unwrapped over @ Chatting In the Sky taking a look at the little things in life and learning to live in the moment. Head on over and be inspired.

Blessings and Grace,

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