This photo is from New Year's Eve. However I think it adequately describes how I am feeling today thank you very much!

Hello World,
It's Tuesday morning and I am snuggled in my bathrobe with a cup of hot tea beside me and my laptop burning up cyber space. My 20 year old is outside shoveling once again trying to stay ahead of the 12-18 inches of snow expected later today into tomorrow. This will pile on top of the 24 inches that are already here. He and my husband shoveled enough yesterday to allow my hubby to crawl into work earlier this morning. There have been no plows in our neighborhood for three days. I have left the house once to get milk and paper towels from the store. It was so scary. Like snowboarding with a car, slipping and sliding our way to civilization. Not good!

I was in high school the last time this much snow fell in Virginia. It was fun then. My days were filled with reading and snowball fights with my brothers. I baked in the kitchen with Mom and enjoyed the fact that school was canceled for a WHOLE week. It was awesome!

So what's different for me now? I am a 42 year old cranky menopausal woman who is snow bound with her 20 year old college sophomore and 45 year old even crankier "I hate this freakin stuff - isn't this is why we moved away from Maine" husband. At the moment their relationship with one another is experiencing...ummm...growth pains shall we say. Being cooped up together is NOT always FUN people! How's Courtney you ask?? Not happy. She is missing the routine of school and all the physical activity she gets to do there. At home it's just floor exercises with mommy and LOTs of reading. Now we are looking at 2-3 more days of close personal contact, never has my 900 square foot house felt so small.

So what's a girl to do...

Pray that the power does NOT go out...DVD's have saved us and allowed for family togetherness filled with laughter.

Bake bread every day, freezing it for when we get back to our regular schedule and home made bread becomes a memory.

Learn to love Mexican Dominoes...because we have played about 52 million more rounds with 78 million more to go. So...many...spots...

Take one room at a time and deep clean...again taking advantage of this slower pace and forced time inside.

Dream of a tropical vacation filled with warm beaches, sand and a really cute cabana boy bringing me chocolate and lovely drinks with umbrellas in them...sigh...

Write...write...write...write...well you get the idea.

Be patient with my hubby and children. Not only am I stuck with them BUT they are stuck with me! I know, I feel their pain!

Stop watching the's just pi*#@$& me off. We need less federal government in our lives. 'Nuff said!

Eat chocolate...ALL DAY LONG! It has healthy antioxidants you know. Who cares if my face breaks out like a teenager...NO ONE WILL EVER SEE IT!

Come up with a yummy Valentine's Day menu that uses my freezer and pantry since I am apparently NEVER LEAVING MY HOUSE AGAIN!!

So what are you doing today? Is there snow where you are? Are you enjoying being out and about? I will try to curb my jealousy.
Leave a comment and let me know what's happening in your world.

Until we meet again...Happy Snow Days(weeks)!!