courtney says hello...

Helloooo everyone in bloggy world!
Courtney here...hey y'all...

Momma says that you guys have been praying very hard for me to gain some weight and get stronger. So I asked Momma to help me say a few things.

First, thank you very much for ALL of your prayers. I know I haven't gained any weight yet but I am trying very hard to. I didn't lose any this week and Momma was so happy she held me for a long time. Please keep praying and I will keep eating everything Momma feeds me...including the brussel sprouts...yuck!

Mamma's cooking makes me drool and tastes so yummy but sometimes I just can't eat anymore. Momma says that's OK, I just have to keep doing my best. I am glad she puts most of the green stuff through my tube because...well...sorry Mamma, but it's green. Ick!

Momma says this is the look I get when I have had too many carbs. Daddy says he gets the same look after a chili dog. I had my first one last week and it was so yummy but Momma said it made me "tooty" so no more chili dogs for me. Is that Daddy crying in the corner...he says it's a very sad day.

But I'm not sad cause so many people LOVE me and I just can't believe it. Momma can't either. She says we are very, very blessed. I know she's right. I am blessed indeed.

Momma says she will be back on the blog after Easter. She is really busy taking me to the doctors and making me lots of different food and feeding me every three hours. She says it's just like when I was a very little baby. She is the best Momma in the whole wide world. I even heard Jonathan say it yesterday. He said it's our little secret. He doesn't want Momma to get a big head. I kicked him. It felt good.

I love you all very much and Momma and I are praying every night for each of you.
See you soon!