i ate a chocolate bunny!!!

This morning I ate a chocolate bunny. Well to be completely truthful, I ate a dark chocolate bunny. I had purchased a few this weekend in anticipation of a run on dark chocolate bunnies closer to Easter. I was planning ahead, anticipating a need, being prepared. So this morning in a fit of lonely pathetic missing my traveling husband wifedom, I ate one. I ate ALL of it!

What would possess me to get on my step stool reaching to the very highest cabinet in my kitchen stretching my unshowered, yoga pant wearing, rumpled self to search for and finally find that sweet chocolate wonderment???

Hmmm. Let's begin at the beginning shall we.

Hubby left yesterday. He will be gone for SEVEN days. God made the world in seven days. Did you know that? Anyway, I know that there are many, many, many women out there who have spouses that travel a great deal more than mine. I also am aware that as a young Navy wife I was required to be a single mother for many months at a time. That was then, this is now.

Let's just face the facts shall we. These days, I am a wimp. A wuss whose attitude about this current trip really needs some massive adjusting. I mean it's only SEVEN days, right. What could happen in that amount of time???

Well I could give Courtney a sponge bath and have the little bucket of water overturn spilling all it's soapy contents onto my already horrible 1978 carpet, soaking both it and my yoga pants there by screaming words that should never leave a mother's mouth startling Courtney into a small seizure.

Oh yeah! Good job Mom!

I could foolishly run the dishwasher AND the washing machine at the SAME TIME, completely forgetting the previous disaster as well as my husband's kind admonition NOT to repeat that action, there by flooding the laundry room requiring more salty language and lots of mopping.

I could look at my calendar to see what was coming up this week and realize that I had written down all my extended families birthdays and anniversaries one month later than they actually are, there by missing every one's birthday and anniversary for the months of January and February leading to a frantic trip to the UPS store praising God the entire way for my Hallmark card and gift stash. Upon returning home I could have spent an entire hour re-writing my calendar. I mean it could happen!

I could be bending over cleaning out the hall closet and experience an epic fail of yoga pantdom there by splitting said pants down the middle exposing my granny pants to my blind severely disabled daughter who could then proceed to laugh at that exact moment. I could now be questioning whether she is really blind or if she just enjoys the sound of ripping stressed out knit.

Those things could happen you know.

Oh wait...they did happen...today...

Stop laughing at me...it's just plain rude!

Hubby has been gone for ONE day. I can't WAIT to see what tomorrow brings. I do know that yoga pants will not be involved.

There are two more dark chocolate bunnies left in the cabinet.

Here bunny, bunny...be afraid. Be very afraid.

Blessings and Grace,