stepping away...

Hi Everyone!

I am sure you have noticed things have been a bit slow here in the last few weeks. Well they're gonna slow down even more. I need to step away until Easter. The lovely Miss Courtney is in a bit of a pickle right now and her Momma needs to give her full attention to her care.
Courtney has lost 11 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months and we are not sure why. She has begun undergoing a series of blood tests and diagnostic exams to try and figure out what's gone wrong. She and I are spending an extraordinary amount of time at the hospital and various doctors offices. We have met with a team of dietitians and gastro specialists all trying to troubleshoot and problem solve what might help our girl. I must admit that this Lent has taken quite the turn for me as Our Lord pulls my family even closer to him.
As a result of the weight loss her seizures have increased as well due to the stress on her body and too much medicine for her weight. So we join Our Lady once more walking with her Son along the Via Delarosa. Please keep our family in your prayers, especially our sweet Courtney in these next two weeks. Pray that she is able to gain weight safely and successfully and that the seizures will stay at bay during this time. Pray that her kidneys, liver and heart stay well and strong through this process.
We thank you for all your prayers. I know I keep asking for them and you are so unbelievably generous with sending them to the heavens on our behalf. Thank you does not seem adequate enough.
If you wish to join Courtney's Campaign ~ Prayer Warriors for Courtney Facebook page just click and join. I will be updating that page daily to let everyone know how things are going.
Please feel free to leave comments for Courtney and I will read them to her.
Blessings and Grace,