p-dub in the house! holla!

So last night my hubby, daughter and I met my sweet friend Yvonne at the local Borders for a book signing. Not ANY book signing mind you but one that I had been waiting for like...forever!

P-Dub was in the house y'all! The Pioneer Woman had come to town to sign her new cookbook and there was NO WAY I was going to miss this event! NO WAY! I have enjoyed reading her blog since the beginning four years ago. I love her sense of humor, her artistic eye and fabulous recipes. She writes honestly and with incredible wit. If you have not read her work I strongly urge you to go check her out, especially the Confessions page. Be prepared to snort out loud. I am not kidding!

So in anticipation of this event I watched her home page and twitter for details over the past few weeks.

No I am not a cyber stalker, just a devoted fan. Really!

Then yesterday morning, I arrived at the store right when it opened and received one of the first tickets for the event. Early bird gets the worm my Momma always said. In this case...the golden ticket!

Next came the biggest fashion crisis I have had in months. I knew I was only going to have one shot at a photo with her and I wanted to make my very full figured self look my best. Oh the agony!

Should I wear my signature color of blue or mix it up and try green? Maybe a light rose or a deep purple? Pattern or solid? The choices were killing me and the hot flashes began with all the stress. Let's not even discuss the humidity and the havoc it was creating with my hair.

Not fair oh great universe. She was coming all this way just to see me wasn't she??


It doesn't matter does it if I have pit stains. I mean PW talks about her nervousness all the time. We are kindred spirits...

So I went with my signature blue and did what I could with the frazzled disaster that was on top of my head. I headed over to Court's school for the Mother's Day lunch and had a lovely time with her teachers, classmates and other Mom's.

Then we came home where she promptly sneezed her afternoon snack all over my signature blue. Leave it to Courtney to put my feet firmly back on terra firma.

Just a book signing Momma. Your not meeting the Pope!
(the thought of that fashion crisis may bring on a stroke LOL!)

I got Court settled in her wheelchair, did her hair and made her all sparkly. I grabbed a clean blouse in a lovely shade of green, changed earrings and we were out the door. Jerry was actually looking forward to meeting her as well. Her recipes remind him of his Mamma's cooking and he grew up about an hour and a half away from where her and Marlboro Man's ranch is located. Any opportunity to support a fellow Oakie and my guy is there.

Off we went. When we arrived there were already about 120 people in line and by the time P-Widdy made her appearance there were well over 200 people there. It was awesome. I meet a lovely blogger from Baltimore and one from Ohio. The babies were all decked out hoping to be photographed for her blog.

This was only one view of the madness.
Then PW made her entrance. She sparkled and glittered with all her bloggy magicness. She was sweet and kind and surprisingly tall. Her auburn hair fell in waves and she was wearing a beautiful champagne colored tunic with a grey camisole underneath, capping off her signature skinny jeans and cowgirl boots. This lady takes Cowgirl Chic to a whole new level. The first thing she did...take pictures of the crowd. Oh PW...we love you!

There she is, camera in hand.
She answered a few questions, made everyone laugh, then announced that Josh was STILL single and looking for a good woman to have lots of babies with. LOL! Read her blog and meet Josh. He is a stitch! Then the moment arrived for the signing.

I was THIS close to bloggy greatness. Check out the locks!
She smiled and was so gracious to every single one of us. I have been to MANY book signings over the years with some very famous writers and I have never seen anyone take as much time with each guest as she did (except the great Nora R. who is equally gracious to her readers) She chatted with everyone and took her time signing. It was just a lovely experience.

co chic P-Dub!

So, Jerry got into position to take the picture. PW greeted me and for a second I was SPEECHLESS! I know...I was stunned too. I am NEVER speechless. So what did I say to the Ranch Queen...uhhh...wait for it...

"Hey I married a guy from Oklahoma too."

Yep, that was my brilliant moment. I pointed to my hubby taking the picture and Ree stuck up a conversation with him about high school football seeing as they were rivals in Oklahoma. I felt so silly. I am a grown woman and I felt like I was five meeting a Disney Princess at Disney World for the first time. Oh well...at least I smiled for the picture.

Not the best photo ever taken (totally could have staged this better) but we had a blast!
Then it was my friend Yvonne's turn and they chatted about the blog. Y wasn't nervous at all. They were giggling like old high school girlfriends.

Jealous!! So stinkin jealous!!

She doesn't even cook PW! Remember you love me more....

not stalking! not creepy at all!

Yvonne came with me and she doesn't even cook! She's just there for the snark! See the laughter...oh yeh...PW was in rare form.
After we left the madness my guy and his sweet sidekick (the lovely Miss Courtney who was so patient with her fan crazed Momma) needed to be fed. He had done his part by standing in line with 200 WOMEN and smiled through the entire event. The man needed a medal and since I did not have one with me, I knew what would tame the savage beast.

"Some vittles for my cowboy!" I announced as we pulled into the Silver Diner. Yes, I really did say that. I know...so lame...sigh...ANYWAY...

What do you feed a hungry Oklahoma boy after a cookbook signing? Chicken Fried steak of course!
We ordered and chowed down like good ranch hands. Not good for the diet but so good for the soul! It was a great night filled with tons of laughter and a few fabulous Oklahomans and I get to sleep with one!!

Nope that didn't sound bad at all, did it? Mom are you still reading?? Mom??

Anyway, if you ever get the chance to meet one of your heros, don't let a little fashion crisis, hair nightmare or momentary muteness stop you.

They won't remember your name anyway...

Thanks PW for a great event and an even better cookbook. I can't wait to see where this journey takes you! I'll be watching...

Nope...not creepy at all...not stalking!!!

LOVE you too PW!! Mary

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