happy father's day dad...

This was taken this morning after another awesome Dad breakfast!
This is Jonathan and I have high jacked my Mom's blog today. She's kinda freakin out right now because I figured out the password so I need to finish this before she kicks me off. I love to see her sweat! Usually it's the other way around. Ha!

I just wanted to say a few things about my Dad. He's a pretty cool dude if not a little freakishly omnipotent sometimes. My favorite quote is "Son, I never ask a question I don't already know the answer too, so just be a man and be honest." Yup, that one gets me into a LOT of trouble. So here are the top five things I love about my Dad:

His Bodacious Cooking Skills...DUDE!
While his total skills are far inferior to my Mom’s, Dad shines when grilling or making breakfast. You have not lived until you have had this man’s biscuits and gravy...with a little bacon on the side of course!

My Dad is a Geek!
This man has watched every original Star Trek episode from the 1960's and memorized most of the lines. He has also continued his Trekkie obsession with every other show made by Gene Roddenberry. Mom's OK with it. She says he looks just like Patrick Stewart. "He's hot!" she says. Um, that's just gross but whatever.
He LOVES history! I mean almost as much as BACON! He reads stuff that make me go to sleep just reading the summary on the back. He loves political thrillers, alternate histories, strategy books, war stories and even murder mysteries and anything EVER written on the Civil War. I mean ANYTHING! 

I have become a sci-fi buff because of him. My mother cringes every time we say "guy movie night" because there will most likely be loud explosions and planetary distress not to mention really terrible one liners she cannot escape. She grabs my sister and they hide in her room surrounded by bonnet movies. Those things make me want to toss a sidewalk pizza! 

Caring for my sister
My Mom and Dad are devoted to my severely disabled sister Courtney. But watching my dad take care of her, it’s a whole other story. He shows a love and compassion for her that I hope to one day be able to show my own children if God so blesses me with them. 

He loves without thought to himself or his own needs. He reads to her, sings to her and laughs with her. I learned all my best Dr. Seuss voices from him. It doesn't matter that she can't say I love you back. Dad knows how much she loves him. You see it with each smile she gives him. 

All the Things He has Taught Me
I’m 20 years old, and in all that time, the most important things in life, I have learned from him. Fear of God, dependence on prayer, perseverance, fortitude, love of history and its importance and a true devotion to bacon. 

My mom once mentioned a book that dad read about being a better man and father for God. It was called “Velvet and Steel”. These are two words that perfectly describe him as a person. Strong as steel, but a heart soft as velvet. Really, what else is there to say? I don’t wanna sound presumptuous, but if this guy doesn’t get into Heaven, then God has really changed his entrance requirements. 

He loves my Mom more than Bacon!
My dad considers himself something of a Casanova. The man has moves! He can make my mother stop yelling and start laughing in less than 30 seconds. It's the MOST amazing thing to watch. He loves her and she loves him right back. They do their best to make me gag on a daily basis with all that smoochin! I mean, really? 

My mother has greeted my Dad at the door when he gets home from work everyday since I can remember. His face lights up when he sees her and he gets this really goofy grin that's just a bit off if you ask me. I guess it works though. They have been married for 22 years and still really like each other. I want that one day. 

Their is so much more I could say about my Dad but I don't want him to get a big head or anything. Besides the burgers are done and it's time to celebrate!

 Happy Father's Day Dad. 
I love you!
Your most favorite son (even though I am your only one)