one more week...three more pounds...

The last three weeks for Courtney have looked a little like this:

Week 1 - three pounds lost, seizures increase to three a day.
Week 2 - three pounds gained back, seizures decrease to one every evening around 7 p.m.
Week 3 - three pounds lost, seizures increase to two a day with at least one where she begins to turn blue usually in the evening.

I told the doc this afternoon that I was done with weighing her every week. It's just too darn stressful. From now on we are going to weigh every other week as long as she stays above 104 pounds.

She is happy, alert and laughing in between those horrific seizures. She looks healthy as you can see above. It's wonderful to see. She is no longer refusing food and is happily eating everything we give her.

So as we continue to seek answers, our beautiful daughter soldiers on bravely relying on her Momma, Daddy and big brother to remain strong and faithful by her side holding her as God holds us.

...and so we shall...always and forever Courtney!