a place for everyone to play...

We are very blessed here in Northern Virginia with a fantastic public parks system. One of our very favorite places to take Miss Courtney is Clemijontri Park which is an "all access" park where everyone can play together no matter what their abilities. This afternoon we had an unexpected opportunity to indulge Courtney is one of her favorite activities. Swinging!

The weather was spectacular, not too hot or humid. The sun was shining and Court was in a great mood. That is until we put on her hat. Then she spent the next hour trying to lose the hat. The child HATES anything on her head even if it's placed their for her own benefit. I think we spent more time picking up the hat and putting it back on her head than we did swinging. Oh well. This young lass has a mind of her own and she will let you know when enough is enough.

It was a lovely visit to the park. I look forward to many more as the summer progresses. Now all I need is the right hat that she can't toss off. The search is on!

Courtney's favorite sitting position on a swing! 
She is swinging her head back and forth to get the hat off. 

Hats off and the laughter shall commence. Happy girls!

This is CLASSIC Courtney. The tilt of the head, mouth open squawking at me. 
"I will NOT open my eyes for you until you take OFF this ridiculous hat!"