somedays, it's all about the shoes...

Having worked through some tough stuff this week, I thought I would lighten things up just a bit around here. Living the life that I do, I am often challenged to find a bright spot or happy place in my world to save my own sanity and put a smile back on my face.

In the beginning there was chocolate, the darker the better. One piece slowly savored over a minimum of three to five minutes allowing myself a moment to breathe and reset the emotion clock and I could face the situation and make it through the tough spot.

Then I was introduced to lattes and my life became SOOO much better. There were all those varieties to choose from! A latte for every occasion. Vanilla for shopping, tall triple shot to shake off a long night's bedside vigil, mocha for girl's night out and a soy chai when watching the calories.

Combine coffee AND chocolate...I mean really...does it get much better?

Then one Saturday afternoon my friend Christine introduced me to the marvel of discount shoes and Voila! The ultimate, most excellent happy place EVAH was opened to me. I mean there were racks upon racks of colorful, sparkly little pieces of heaven spread across a half acre.

There were shoes in every color of the rainbow. The red ones called to me like a siren from the sea. There were shoes with high heels and low. There were peep toes to display my manicured toseies right along side the slingbacks. There were wicked pumps with the pointed feature that just screamed girl power! Some shoes recalled the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly and few evoked memories of a day at the beach. There were even shoes with jewelry on them. I mean who can resist a little bling on their feet? Oh the wonder of it all!

Can I just say that when life is really cruddy and you feel like all you're doing is ducking crap balls flying directly at you, standing tall in a fantastafabulous pair of shoes gives me a jolt of confidence that makes me feel like a rock star!

Knowing I spent less than $30 dollars on them makes me a flippin superhero!

Shoes don't make your face breakout or add inches to your waistline. A great pair of shoes makes a girl downright giddy with delight, helping in any situation where frustration might bubble up.

Just a peek at the feet and yippyskippy...happy dance!

Yep, sometimes IT IS all about the shoes.

When things get you down, what puts a smile on your face?