mary's book basket ~ "seeds of summer"

   I was really excited to read the second novel in Deborah Vogts Seasons of the Tallgrass series. Ms. Vogts has a talent for deep character development creating a canvas of people that you wish you knew in real life. In Seeds of Summer she took on the difficult challenge of pairing a Rodeo Queen, Natalie Adams, who questions the existence of God in her life with a newly ordained minister, Jared Logan. Now there's conflict for you. Once again Ms. Vogts does not disappoint.

Here is the publishers blurb for Seeds of Summer:

Book #2 in the Seasons of the Tallgrass series. A heart-warming contemporary romance set in the Flint Hills of Kansas where a former rodeo queen abandons her dreams in order to care for her deceased father’s ranch and her two half-siblings, only to realize with the help of a young new pastor that God can turn even the most dire circumstances into seeds of hope.

Once again the author visits the Flint Hills of Kansas with such vivid imagery I have now added the prairie state to my list of those I must visit. The sweeping plains, the beautiful animals and the colorful townspeople are a joy to read about. In this novel Vogts goes in depth with the rodeo scene, particularly Miss Rodeo America. Fascinating stuff.

I really enjoyed Natalie's character arc and how she comes to trust God with her life. Vogt's takes her time with this revelation slowly bringing the reader along through all the inner turmoil Natalie goes through. Her relationship with her younger siblings is tenacious at times and tender at others but very realistic. Again, character development is what Vogts is known for.

I was hesitant about the hero being a minister but I will admit to being pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The realities of his chosen profession challenge Jared as he comes to trust where God has placed him and realizes the gift of forgiveness.

I think you will enjoy the Seeds of Summer. A great love story filled with sweeping plains, great secondary players and two wonderful main characters you find yourself rooting for from the beginning. Learning to trust God as well as the one He choses for you can be challenging at times. Vogts writes beautifully through it all. I am looking forward to book three being released next summer.