a true example of christian discipleship...

After five years Tonia has decided to leave the net. I have learned much from this deep thinking compassionate spiritual woman. Such a gift she has for the written word. I will miss reading her insights on life, parenting and God. I wish her well as she pursues a simpler way of living surrounded by those she truly loves.

"this is best advice i can give to you:  when you are online, love.   listen.  assume the best.  speak life.  pray.  learn.  leave nothing but traces of grace behind you.   arguing over perfect doctrine, shutting people out because they read the wrong books or like the wrong authors, pointing fingers, pointing out sin, endless discussions over politics and religion, mocking brothers and sisters who don't see things the way you do, all of it is such a waste of time and i believe it grieves our Lord.   please, leave something behind you that testifies to the life and joy of your salvation!

secondly, be gentle with yourselves.  remember that no one can do it all.  no one.  if you see someone online who seems to have it all together and accomplishes everything perfectly, be assured that you do not have the whole picture.  all of us choose where to spend our time at the expense of something else.   choose wisely as the Lord leads YOU and let other people flourish where the Lord plants them.  the temptations to promote yourself, to seek after traffic, to write nonsense in order to be popular, are great.  remember who you are in Christ and why you write.  please the Lord and nothing else matters." Tonia @ Study in Brown 

Please read the rest here. It's just beautiful.

She has made me stop and pause fro a moment this Wednesday to remember why I started blogging. To share our story of  love and perseverance raising a severely disabled child. To celebrate the feast that God has provided each day for our families table. To remember the important events in our life while they are happening instead of replaying them from pictures where I can't remember who is in the picture with us. To celebrate the written word in all it's finery. To promote life and the vocation of marriage with all of it's hills and valleys. To celebrate homemaking  and promote modesty and true beauty while laughing just a little at the absurdity of everyday living.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone needs to know anything I might share or if they will just come to it on their own. I am not looking for compliments, although they are lovely to receive. I am wondering if what I have in this space is truly useful to people? Is it encouraging? Real? I am wondering what you want to read about? 
So my question today is "Am I doing what I originally set out to do? What is missing?" 

Your honest thoughts...