multitude monday ~ balderdash!

Some lovely inspiration for my home. See the new ironing board cover? It's from the lovely Cheryl. It makes me smile every time I go to do that chore. Check out her website to purchase your own.

I spent the weekend away from all things on-line and just enjoyed my family and my home. Friday was intense with Courtney's guardianship hearing and then Jerry had to take his comprehensive final exam for his MA in History. Both turned out extremely well for everyone. By dinner time though I was complete mush. Quiet was what was needed for the next few days. The first thing I did was turn off the TV and computer and focus on being present to my husband and children.

So Saturday I cleaned the house from top to bottom while the boys worked out in the yard. Then I ironed and took care of more laundry. It was good to be industrious and get things in order for the busy week ahead. Then I baked some fabulous muffins (see below) and we had a movie double header and then I headed out for a quick meal with a dear friend who had called last minute. It was just lovely to catch up after several months of not being able to meet. Then home and some writing.

Sunday was Mass with a phenomenal message by our Pastor. Self-discipline is the theme of the week. So important. Then we went home and played a rousing game of Balderdash. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Oh my gosh...too funny! A lovely meal was made by many hands. Then it was sofa snuggle time with Court and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. 

I stayed home (mostly), it was quiet and just plain wonderful. On this Monday I am grateful for:

#31 - laughter until it hurts

#32 - last minute dinner dates with a dear friend

#33 - family 

#34 - a biblical message that inspires and requires more from me

#35 - fresh juicy, delectable peaches

#36 - a exquisite cocktail sipped slowly with the one I love

#37 - many hands in the kitchen creating loveliness

#38 - a kind judge who granted us the greatest gift. to care for our daughter until the end of her days. Praise God!

#39 - for hard working men who mow and weed and water and think it's FUN!

#40 - beautiful roses still blooming

#41 - a renewed desire to learn

Thanks to Ann@Holy Experience for hosting Multitude Mondays.

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