multitude monday ~ hachooo! sniffle...sniffle...

Thanks to Ann@Holy Experience for hosting Multitude Mondays.

This weekend, I had all sorts of plans to re-org a few shelves, a closet or two, some deep cleaning in the kitchen as well as some sewing and well, you get the picture. The list was long and laborious and needed my full attention.

After enjoying a wonderful Anniversary dinner on Friday night (which I will write about later) I woke on Saturday with a massive sinus headache and fever. So much for my weekend plans. I got up and took some meds trying to at least accomplish a few of my tasks. By 10 am I gave up on being a suffering servant because really...I stink at it. I made myself comfy on the couch and did not move for the entire day.

My husband was incredibly patient with my less than gracious whining, bringing hot tea and cool compresses for my head. I am not a happy sick person. all. When the sneezing started, Kleenex magically appeared at my side and the Food Network and Cooking Channel kept me company in between naps.

I can't remember the last time that I literally stayed in one place for that long. My fever broke in early afternoon to my great relief (and Jerry's) and then it was all about staying hydrated and controlling the faucet that was now my nose!

Sunday I felt a bit better and was able to make it to Mass. That was exhausting. So once again upon my return home, I hit the couch. This time hubby joined me and we watched "Into The Storm" a fantastic HBO movie about Winston Churchill. The rest of the day just fell away as we truly rested on the Lord's Day.

I realized by bedtime last night how blessed I was to have my husband care for me  in sickness and in health. The man is not perfect and drives me absolutely batty from time to time but in this instance he really showed up and I am grateful for that. After all he had to deal with Queen Diva Does NOT Do Sickwell and he survived to tell the tale!

So on this Monday I am thankful for:

#18- soft aloe Kleenex

#19- chicken noodle soup w/ saltines

#20- cooking shows to inspire and entertain

#21- a selfless husband who put aside his own needs to see to mine while caring for  Miss C. cheerfully.

#22- frozen meals that the boys could manage on their own.

#23- the medicinal nature of coconut cream pie

#24- a monday morning walk without one sneeze

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