multitude monday ~ home sweet home

Summer's bounty - peach, raspberry and blackberry jam. Yum!
This past weekend sweet things were happening in my home. There was jam making and bread baking. There were kisses given to a sweet teenager whose curly hair was out.of.control. There was laughter. So much laughter. 

My two guys helped with every aspect of this wonderful weekend. It was so lovely having extra hands to help make the work load a little lighter. I forget how much fun it is to have everyone home and happily participating in work and play. 

This weekend I fell in love with my husband all over again. The man is my best friend and the love of my life. He made me giggle like a teenager with his care and teasing. I miss those carefree days free of worry and filled with just thoughts of each other and our life laid out before us. It was so lovely to turn back the clock for just a little while.

On this Monday I am grateful for:

#42 - sugar and bountiful fruit

#43 - carry out treats after a hard productive day

#44 - a strong hand holding mine during Mass

#45 - unconditional love for my children, no matter the hour or the day

#46 - the beautiful verse from Song of Songs "I am my Beloveds and my beloved is mine." 

#47 - sunshine and breezes as summer comes to an end

#48 - God's provision. Every moment of every day.

Thanks to Ann@Holy Experience for hosting Multitude Mondays.

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