10 things i did that scared the heck out of me...

OK. I have been tagged in my first meme. I think I was tagged once before in my early blogging days and had NO idea what it was so I didn't do it. I apologize to whomever tagged me. NOW I get the gist of things.

Munchesmom @ Four Blessings Academy tagged me so if anything you read is too outrageous for you...it's her fault! So here we go...

I tried out for cheerleading in the seventh grade. I really wanted to be a cheerleader. They were the popular girls, the "cute" girls and I was the tomboy with six brothers who was just figuring out what being a girl was all about. I was not particularly athletic but I could do a decent split jump and I sure had the pipes for it (all that yelling from the sidelines you know). Tryouts were excruciating and I felt so awkward. Every night for a week I came home with a stomach ache. In the end I made the team and have a picture with some serious Farrah Fawcet curls!

In the eight grade I tried out for the Forensic Team. I went to a small Catholic school and there were only three of us on the team and I was best buddies with one. I chose to "read" a children's book called "Jumanji". I practiced for weeks and weeks until the big competition. On that day my hands were shaking so hard as I held the book and my voice warbled. I read with so much passion and conviction that I skipped a whole page fumbling halfway through. Afterwards I was so upset I actually went to the ladies room and cried my eyes out. Needless to say I did not place but I was given a certificate of achievement at graduation which in the end was good enough for me.

My freshman year of high school was my first in public school. I remember being so shocked my first week there. People used curse words and they didn't get detention. There were students who actually argued with teachers. In my old school that would have been grounds for suspension. So what did I do to make life easier for me? I ran for president of the Freshman Class knowing only a handful of students that lived in my neighborhood. "Go big or go home" right! It's more like "YOU.ARE.A.CRAZY.PERSON!" Needless to say I got 14 votes out of 300 something. Oh yea that was a good move!

I went on a "date" when I was thirteen and didn't tell my mom. I told her I was meeting my girlfriends at the mall for a movie. That would be one girlfriend and two boys to be exact. I got my first kiss that night right before my Dad showed up "early" to pick me up. Totally not worth the lie or the grounding that took place once the lie was found out. The guy I have been kissing for 24 years...so much better!

I went on a blind date in April of 1986 or I should say I showed up for one. My date however did not show up. My girlfriends date showed up though. I married him two years later. I am thinking that my loser date is fat, bald and seriously unhappy with his choice not to meet me that night! As for me, couldn't be happier he stood me up! Just saying...

As a young officer's wife in the Navy, I ran for wives club president...and won. I was in charge of sixty officers wives. My job was to keep the squadron wives together and focused on supporting one another and our guys while they were deployed. It was intimidating and stressful but in the end a wonderful lesson in giving for something greater. The weekly margarita's weren't bad either!

I learned those lessons so well that once we arrived on the USS Enterprise I did it again. This time not only did we have to get through a deployment but I chaired the first charity auction to support the Navy Relief Society. This was huge! It lead to me wearing a pair of coconut shells in PUBLIC. Yes, there is a picture. No, I will not be posting it here or anywhere. Yes, we did raise several thousands of dollars for Navy Relief including a very generous donation given for me to wear the shells. No, I have not worn coconut shells since then. They don't do a thing for my figure.

I homeschooled my son from the second grade through the twelfth grade. Way to many scary moments in those ten years not the least of which was teaching him to drive. Scary as hell. 'Nuf said!

I pitched my memoir to an editor of a major publishing house. My hands were sweaty, voice was shaking, sweat was pouring down my back and the pits...forget about it! Those were the longest three minutes of my life! She asked for the first three chapters and six months later she sent a lovely rejection letter. Still writing, still learning.

I started this blog.

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