being more present to the family...

Hello My Sweet Readers,  
Things will be quiet around here this week. Our parish mission began this evening and my family and I have the great privilege of hearing Fr. Larry Richards speak for four nights. If this evenings service is any indication of how things will be, it's going to be an awesome week for all who attend. 

This means later nights and earlier mornings to make sure everything gets done leaving little time for writing/posting.  So in order to better meet the needs of my family I need to step away for a few days. I will be back by the weekend since there will be some celebrating to do. There's a birthday coming that just sort of snuck up on me but then life can do that sometimes as you well know.

I look forward to telling you all about the good things the Lord is doing for us. He is so good all the time!! He is moving some pretty big mountains right now and we are praising Him for it!

See you Saturday! Blessing and grace to you all!