monday musings...

So it's Monday night. Dancing with the Stars will begin in 15 minutes or so. The dishes are done and kitchen is clean. Courtney has had a bath and the curls are in full riot. J-man is upstairs studying for a History exam and hubby just put oil in the van. I had had a little panic attack when the light was flashing this afternoon so it's all good now.

It's been a heck of a week. We had our four day parish mission with Fr. Larry Richard which was so jammed packed with such wonderful insights that I won't even begin to unpack it in this post. I promise I will share...really I will.

Then, last Tuesday I had this running vote on my facebook page to decide what color Miss Courtney should wear in her school picture the next day. Blue or purple? It was silly and in the end purple won. So Daddy chose a beautiful lavender blouse she has and we did her curls up right so that Wednesday when she showed up at school it would be a WOW moment.

She looked so sweet and had such a lovely smile on her face. I walked her into school and there were ooohh's and aahh's then I saw the poster one the wall that said picture day was Thursday NOT Wednesday!!! ARGH!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I also  forgot a doctor's appointment that afternoon which is not something I ever do.

Oh...that was NOT a good Mamma day!

When I picked Court up from school that afternoon her teacher let me know she had had two BM's that day, very unusual for our girl. That should have been a big flag that something was not right. By 10 p.m. that night Miss Court had a fever of 102 degrees and the most horrific diarrhea I have ever seen. For the next 24 hours it was just so nasty. I felt so bad for my girl. Apparently there has been a icky ROTO virus going round and it landed right smack on my Courtney. Considering how hard we have worked to get this kid to GAIN weight a nasty virus is the last thing we needed. So for 72 hours my girl bravely fought an uphill battle.

Oh yeah...we missed picture day too! Woo.Hoo.

Then the weekend arrived and with it my 43rd birthday. I don't freak out about birthday's anymore. Well I try not to anyway. I got to run away for the day and spent it at a writing seminar surrounded by some of the smartest woman I know. I listened and I learned then I got to share a fabulous dinner with those lovely ladies.

Sunday dawned and the day was spent with family. I made my favorite meal of all time, Roladen with mashed potatoes and green beans. I have had this meal on my birthday every year since I can remember. It brings back such sweet memories of my Mom in the kitchen and birthdays growing up. While it was simmering on the stove Miss Court and I even took a nap. It was lovely.

So Monday arrived and I kept Miss Court home one more day just to be sure the plumbing was back to normal. We have enjoyed a quiet rainy day here in Northern VA and it has allowed me to catch up just a bit. I finally got to work out after a week and that felt slightly asthmatic but good.

Lessons learned this week:

Routines are very good things even when they get interrupted. They allow you to jump right back in as soon as it's possible.

I am so incredibly blessed to live the life I have been given. Yes, it's hard. Yes some days are better than others. But I am loved by the most wonderful man and have been blessed with the most fabulous children. This week reminded me that I actually CHOSE this life and I need to content no matter what the day brings.

Freezer meals are a HUGE life saver especially when all my time is spent cleaning up poop. Best idea ever!

So there you have it...

My life is exciting...don't you think??

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