an update on my girl Court...

This was taken on Labor Day before the Navy/MD game in Baltimore MD.
Unfortunately for us Navy lost with a last second 4th quarter goal line block from MD.

I thought it was time for a little Courtney update. Here is what I sent to a group of people who pray for Courtney every day...

Hello Prayer Warriors,
As always thank you for keeping Courtney in your continued prayers. It has been a few months since I have written and I wanted to let you know how our girl is doing.

This week brought the return of school for Miss Courtney. She attends a "center" school here in Fairfax County that cares for 80 of the most wonderful profoundly disabled kids you'd ever want to know. She receives Physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy and other instructional support to help her have the best life she can. We are extremely grateful to the teachers and staff for loving our girl so much these past six years.

Courtney's weight continues to be an issue. She currently weighs in at 104 pounds and has held steady with this weight for about 8 weeks now. The docs would like to see another six pounds on her so we continue with the extra formula feeds. I wish I could eat like this child does. I'd start with a milkshake everyday!

Her seizures have returned once more. We experienced about six weeks with only one seizure every three to four days. Ten days ago things changed. We now have two grand-mal seizures between 5-10 p.m. lasting 6-7 minutes each. These lovely gems include about 25-45 seconds where Courtney stops breathing. It is incredibly intense and exhausting for our girl (and her parents for that matter).

As usual we have no explanation for the return of the seizures and I stopped asking God to explain years ago. He has asked that we continue trusting Him with our daughter and we try our very best to do that every single day. Some days are better than others I must admit.

When she is not seizing Courtney is a happy young lady laughing and babbling. She continues to love music of all kinds and having her two favorite men (her Daddy and big brother Jonathan) read her Dr. Suess stories. I am so grateful that for now she does not seem to be in pain or discomfort of any kind. I pray that continues.

Sp, please continue to pray for wisdom for the neuro team that works with our girl. Pray that Courtney remains healthy this winter. Pneumonia is our enemy and it would be lovely NOT to have the flu again.

Know that we have all of your names written down in Courtney's prayer book that we use each night when we say her night time prayers with her. We pray that God holds you and your families in the palm of His hands.

If there is ever a specific prayer request you have, just email me and we will put that in the book as well.

Thank you for loving Courtney and lifting her needs up to Our Lord. We could not walk this journey without you all.

"Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him" Job 13:15

Blessings and Grace,