why i heart simcha fisher...

The woman makes me laugh...hard...coughing choking chocolate milk spurting out of my nose hard...every single time I read her blog. She is brutally honest about her life as a Catholic mom and I just love her point of view.

So since it's Wednesday and I couldn't come up with something witty, lovely or inspiring to say I thought I would send you over to Simcha's blog so you can laugh. I will head back into the kitchen and work on the ten million dozen cookies that I am making for our parishes 135th Annual Labor Day picnic on Monday.

Pray that the profanity I expressed at extremely high decibels earlier this morning (due to a disagreement with my oven) will not permanently damage by beautiful, precious daughter causing her to think her mother is headed to hell in a hand-basket. Prayers for my eternal soul are always appreciated (and needed!)

Thank you Simcha for...well...being you!

Have You Ever Seen Such Cruelty? 
@ I Have to Sit Down