for the boys of fall...

I grew up in a football house. My Dad was the quarterback on his high school team and all six of my brothers payed the game from the time they were in peewee ball all the way through high school. I spent many a Saturday cheering from the sidelines. When I was small I even had my own football helmet. I was so mad at  Daddy when at 13 he said I couldn't play with the big boys anymore. Apparently I was a girl and it was time to act like one. Sheesh...who knew?

My husband was a band guy marching with his trombone and playing with Cardinal pride every Friday night. My son couldn't play with his asthma but makes a most devoted fan. I LOVE football. It is a game of mind, body and soul. So tonight as the lights come up and the band begins to play wherever you are in this great land of ours, let's celebrate the Boys of Fall!