so now for round two...

Life is never boring here in Chez Lenaburg. As I listen to the hum of the washing machine spinning and twirling it's twenty millionth load in 24 hours, Miss Courtney is quietly resting and I have finally had a moment to sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea. We are in the midst of another round of a lovely intestinal ROTO virus that my beautiful girl brought home from school yesterday. This would be round two for us in as many months dealing with this fabulous little sharing friend.

So after three very nasty...ummm...diaper disasters last night and another this morning that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction making many an evil terrorist bow in submission to the great Queen Courtney, combined with a fever and two major seizures in as many days, Momma is taking a moment to gather my wits about me before beginning the great scrub down of 2010, part deux.

It has been a long night and their is much to be accomplished today. Sheets are hanging on the line, the magic application of Mrs. Myers delightful Lemon Verbena cleaning solution will be applied to many, many surfaces, loads of laundry will be washed and folded, counters and floors scrubbed, dishes washed and put away and that's just this morning. It sounds like a lot of work but idle hands are the devils play things so work we will. By lunchtime it will be story time for Miss C if she's awake and then a little quiet contemplation for me. Then it will be a simple supper and bed sweet bed.

I pray your day is blessed with a moment or two of peace and absolutely positively no natural disasters from the waist down!

O Happy Day,


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