looking back...

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How fast does time go?

Wicked fast if your 2010.

Wasn't it just 103 degrees outside? Wasn't I just miserable in the middle of all that heat and humidity begging for the glorious fall to return?

It seems like all of a sudden 2010 is outta here, I am freezing my socks off and 2011 is literally a few hours away. This is just plain crazy people!

CRAZY you hear me!

So what's a girl to do?

Well, after I changed into my favorite yoga pants allowing me the elasticity necessary for the wallowing and gnashing of teeth that were sure to follow, I proceeded to drown my dismay in my go to BFF (Best Favorite Food) B and J's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

Then I did the unthinkable...I looked back.

I read my 2010 New Year's Resolution's .

Believe me there was much screaming and gnashing of teeth in between lovely bites of coffee toffee choclately yumminess.

First of all, I was in serious overachieving mode last year. 10 resolutions??

Seriously people?? So much for making my life simpler. 

No pressure, Mar, really honey. Make it easy on yourself why don't ya. No more "Eat, Pray, Love" life re-examination in the midst of a sugar induced meditative state...your just going to make yourself crazy nuts!

Oh right. That was my inside voice. Sorry...moving on...

I had no choice, really I didn't,  as I grabbed a second pint because Baby OH BABY do I have some 'splainin to do.

Ice cream and I go way back and this has always been a great way to deal with my emotional distress! We won't discuss how the sugar high always crashes sending me into the pits of despair making me feel like I am all alone and that no one loves me.

Nope. We're leaving that little discussion for another time thank you very much.

The point to this post? Oh right...where was I???

Oh...looking back...my best advice...

DON'T DO IT!!! Keep your eyes pealed front and center moving toward your future especially if you feel like last year was a complete EPIC FAIL!!

OK, I am being a teensy bit over dramatic here...it wasn't EPIC...just sad. I started out with such promise, so motivated and then it was February and well I was done...I was all resloutioned out and very cold...it was February after all.

So being that 2011 will make it's appearance in a few hours I have decided to be bold. I have decided to actually try it again. I know, crazy right?

I think I may be making decisions while still high on Ben and Jerry's but you only live once right? Here we go...

I have decided that my 2011 New Year's Resolution will be...

to finish! 

that's right...to finish. It's an transitive (whatever that means) verb meaning to bring to an end; complete.

In 2011 I will become a finisher but for the remainder of 2010...I will be sucking down as much refined processed food as I can because this next year I resolve to finish that temple makeover I was so excited about last year.

There you have it ladies and gents. 'Nuf said...this post is finished!

Ha! One down...364 more days to go! Wahoo...bring on 2011!!