mary's book basket ~ thrillers in november!

November brought many a thriller to my reading list. I spent the month reading all about murders, political intrigue and espionage all written by several of my favorite authors. So if you see me and are wondering about the bags under my's all their fault.

Hell's Corner is the fourth book in the Camel Club series by the fabulously talented David Baldacci. I was so excited last summer when I read that he was releasing another in this fabulous series.

What I love about this particular author is his pacing. Baldacci is known for incredibly detailed plotting that weaves many stories together into a tight knit concoction of action leading to a thrilling ride that moves briskly keeping the reader glued to the page. This latest installment does not disappoint with all of it's twists and turns from the White House to Lafayette Park, the action never stops. I read it in three days and could not put it down. Fantastic read!

James Patterson is a master at murder and mayhem. His latest book, Cross Fire, featuring the unflappable Alex Cross, Patterson's most riveting leading man. Patterson really knows how to pull his punches when it comes to murder. Getting inside the mind of a killer is one of his trademarks. I am always fascinated as a reader to know what motivates the crazy ones to do crazy things. In his latest best seller he resurrects one of Alex's greatest enemy's. It is a story full of scheming and subterfuge and one evil villain. Another page turner which caused me to to oversleep and almost throw my alarm out the window the next morning.

The Reversal by Michael Connelly brings together Defense attorney Mickey Haller and LAPD Detective Harry Bosch trying to solve a brutal child murder. The bi-play between these two characters is Connelly at his best. As a former crime reporter for the LA Times, he brings his real life experience into each novel he writes. What I love so much about his work are his well  developed characters. You are drawn into their lives and relationships. When they are in peril, Connelly takes you on quite the emotional ride as they figure things out. Never a dull moment when Bosch is around.

Mitch Rapp is one of my favorite spies on the planet. Too bad he is just a fictional character created by the phenomenal suspense writer Vince FlynnAmerican Assassin: A Thriller is Flynn's latest NY Times bestseller that takes us back to Mitch Rapp's first assignment. It's a fantastic character study into how Mitch became the uber spy that he is. As always when your reading a Rapp novel, the action and intrigue are a pulse pounding adventure once again making me stay up too late YET AGAIN! Another face paced well-plotted roller coaster ride of ginormous proportions!

There you have it! November was thrilling. Who knows what December will bring??

Happy Reading,

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