the rhythm of the home daybook...Christmas is coming...

Outside My Window ~
There is still snow on the ground and it is COLD! I don't think it went passed 30 degrees today. BRRR! The sun is high in the sky as it pours into my kitchen. In a few hours it will be time to turn on the outside lights. I just love Christmas lights. They make my very simple home sparkle.

I am Listening To ~
The Redskins come back and tie the game with the Cowboys only to lose in the last two plays. This house will be petty quiet when football season is done. Thank goodness for basketball and hockey! Courtney belts out from time to time in dismay I think...

I am Wearing ~
Flannel jammie pants and a bright orange Kilmer Center T-shirt. I look like a traffic cone but I am warm and comfy and that's all that matters.

I am Blessed and Grateful For ~

friends who pray...hard

fire pits, mulled cider and friends to share them with

a pastor who inspires with his words and challenges his flock to do better

a son who brings me a latte without asking...just because

two confirmandi who make me smile and so very proud to stand with them as they come into the church.

blogging friends who have become "real-life" friends

for the ability to worship as I please in a country that allows be to believe as I wish. A precious right indeed!

I am Pondering ~
This weekend my hubby and I were able to see the new Narnia movie. It was such a wonderful moving experience. There were two line in particular that have stuck with me.
"Everything you are is enough" said by Aslan to the the brave and spirited Lucy
during a moment of great temptation
"We have nothing if we do not have belief" stated matter-of-factly by the courageous Reepacheep.

There are a lot of things swirling around in my head these days. I have been struggling a bit lately with my attitude and temper. My poor husband usually gets the brunt of it. I know that my prayer life is off kilter when these things happen. I also know not to ignore it but rise up to the challenge to be a better human being trying to overcome what is not so pretty inside me. This movie really moved me. It challenged me to be courageous and face my fears. With God's help...I shall. I am grateful this week provides a few more opportunities to be still.

I am Reading ~
John Grisham's The Confession: A Novel

Nikon 3000 for Dummies
I'm trying to figure out my new camera...right now the camera is winning.

I am Creating Something of Beauty with My Hands ~
a few last minute gifts for some sweet friends

On My Ipod ~
Christmas music of all kinds. In particular I am really enjoying Josh Groban and Andrea Bocielli. So wonderful!

I am Writing ~
the annual Christmas Letter...always an exercise in hilarity

Towards Rhythm and Beauty in my Home this Week ~
The first part of the week brings the final push in the kitchen to finish the last minute gifts for a few special ones then the pace slows considerably. There are some chores that need to be accomplished so that the family can enjoy Christmas   without interruption for cleaning. I am really looking forward to the stillness of the holiday.

Living the Liturgy Daily ~
Tonight we got to light the fourth and final candle for the Advent wreath. The time has gone by so quickly. The boys need to get to confession this week and I am in need of some quiet time for prayer and discernment. We will enjoy the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, or at least our version of it then mass on Christmas morning. I can't wait.

I am Hoping and Praying for ~
*Little Caleb who will hopefully have surgery on Tuesday. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

* my mother who is contemplating her future retirement. What to do? Who to serve? She has lots of decisions to make.

* dear friends who have just been hit again and again recently with some major financial challenges. For strength of spirit and purpose and to not lose hope.

* for my friend Marque who will be taking vows on Jan. 15 as a permanent deacon in the church. We are blessed to have him and his family in service to the church.

*In thanksgiving for a friends daughter's successful hand surgery. I pray the recovery is quick and it works relieving her of pain.

* for several special intentions...

In the Garden ~

In the Kitchen ~
Lots of little packages filled with sweet treats.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~
~ lambs wool slippers
~ holiday peanut M&M's
~ a steaming plate of lasagna fresh from the oven...ohhh the joy!
~ watching Miracle on 34th Street in black and white while snuggled on the couch with my favorite blond.
~ cookies, cookies and more cookies

Courtney's World ~
Earlier in the week we had the Holiday-Dance-A-Thon at school where I dressed like and elf as did my girl. I think we were the best dressed elves there if I do say so myself. Then the curly one was home with me the last two days last week due to the snow and frigid temps. It was lovely to sleep in and just take it easy baking and watching movies. I LOVE this time of year!
Merry Christmas!

A Picture Thought ~

the best dressed elves around!

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