the view from the kitchen sink...

I love Auntie Leila over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. I enjoy her view on all things  hearth and home, faith and femininity. She is practical and pragmatic with an eye for the unusual and beautiful. She is the older sister I never had and the one I want to be to my younger siblings. I think she's kind of awesome.

So late last week she had a little linky party all related to the kitchen sink. She and I share a love/hate relationship with our kitchen sinks and since we are both homemakers we spend an inordinate amount of time there meeting the needs of the family. So the challenge was to make it pretty. Make a place you would want to spend hour after hour at washing, wiping, cleaning, cooking...well you get the picture.

So I cleaned and shined and decided that I was going to actually take a picture of my kitchen sink and post it. It's not the prettiest one I have seen but it's mine and I have worked hard to create a sense of peace and calm in my very small, teeny, weeny kitchen. So drum roll kitchen sink...

the walls are a deeper red than the picture indicates
The prayers that hang next to the sink help "center" my time there.
I know, it's thrilling isn't it. Red walls, Green cabinets done in a "linen" finish by me, myself and I. I was going for a "French Country" look and with the fabric that's hanging on the other window (You don't see here), it really works...just not at my sink. There are no curtains currently hanging because I ran out of time 4 years ago and just have not gotten to it. Pathetic doesn't even come close. Everything in the kitchen has been replaced except the lovely white Formica counters. I think I may just paint them since replacing them is out of the question financially right now. Maybe I will tile them over...I'll think of something.

Here is the view of the size of my workspace:
yep...that's ALL the counter I have...teeny, weeny
I feel like it's time to paint and start over. Paint I can afford and sweat equity is something I have plenty of. I am too late with this post to add it to the party but Auntie Leila I would love some inspiration. I was thinking of a cream wall color with painted black cabinets adding splashes of color through the curtains and table linens. Still have no idea of what I will do with the counter tops. At least everything is clean...for now!

So here is where the magic dish at a time...

Happy Homemaking,

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