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It's Sunday night and it's flippin' cold outside people! Football is on the TV and my guys are sprawled on the couch cheering their team on. I am typing this while wearing my flannel jams and lambs wool slippers. I have been thinking deep thoughts this evening. My heart is heavy counting the cost of loss.

I am about life. My life, my daughter's life, my family's life, the sanctity of each and every LIFE that God has created.

Tomorrow thousands will peacefully March For Life on the mall in DC. They will take up their first amendment right to gather peaceably and voice their opposition to Roe vs Wade. I have written about pro-life issues before in this space. It is something I am passionate about and that affects my daily life as a parent of a profoundly disabled child. There are those among us who believe that my daughter has NO right to life because of her disabilities. God has a different opinion.

Life begins at the moment of conception. God in his infinite wisdom created each of us to be a unique person built in his image and likeness. Love begets love. My husband and I love one another and God chose to bless that love. We named that love Jonathan and Courtney. There are two souls in heaven that one day, please God, I will meet.

Life is precious. Life is sacred. Life is beautiful.

There was a fascinating article this morning in The Washington Examiner on the economics of abortion. It presents the assertion that we have murdered 53 million productive citizens and future taxpayers since Roe vs. Wade was enacted. Oh, how we could use those taxpayers now. I always find it interesting how many different ways the atrocity of abortion affects our culture today. Not only is it a sin against God but it has affected every aspect of our American life and NOT in a good way.

Now I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can do the math. So tomorrow, I will pray while my compatriots march. I will pray that the citizens of this great nation of ours will reject this immoral and atrocious practice and recognize the sanctity of each and every taxpayers life.

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