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Outside My Window ~
A quiet February morning. The sun comes and goes. Birds are chirping singing the new hope of a spring to come. There is hope outside the window of new beginnings, of earth turned and waiting to sprout glorious color and fragrance in time for Easter. But first we must go through another ice storm tonight. It's just like God to say "be life is coming...I am coming..."

I am Listening To ~
Courtney making humming sounds in her sleep. She's home from school today. It's been a rough few days since they changed her seizure meds. She is adjusting slowly but surely. I have placed my faith once more in God's hands and pray this new physician can help my beautiful daughter. 

I am Wearing ~
Yoga pants and a black long sleeved t-shirt. Don't have the energy for much else. 

I am Blessed and Grateful For ~
#156 - #170:
* FAITH and a merciful God who sustains me and helps me in my unbelief
*a new neurologist who has restored hope in this tired Momma that there may be an answer and a help for my girl. I told God many years ago whenever He was ready to tell me why, I would be patient and wait. I pray this is the time and if not, I pray for the continued patience to wait upon the Lord for all things.
*the arrival of my husbands Masters Degree Diploma this week. The look on his face was priceless!
*for a new niece/nephew who will arrive in the early Fall
*a lovely sewing buddy nestled up north who is already encouraging me to create and find that inner peace that comes with making something beautiful by hand. 
*a group of woman who support my writing and inspire me to keep going.
*Luau Pork, Vanilla Butter cream Cake and Bananagrams
*actually winning a round of Bananagrams
*six-year-old hugs that make me melt
*curly headed girlfriends who make me giggle 
*clean laundry that has been folded and actually put away where it belongs
*a devoted husband who prays for his wife, even when he's tired
*silence - sweet and fruitful
*projects that challenge me to do better and be better
*St. Mary of Sorrows who shows me the way with each pierce of her heart

I am Pondering ~
"To fear God is to be in awe of his power and knowledge. To fear him is to bow before mysteries we can never comprehend, like the fact that God gave us freedom to choose, even though our free choices often have dire consequences for ourselves and others. To fear God is to dare to believe that he created each one of us to know, love, and serve him in this life and be happy with him forever.
God is so much greater than we could ever ask, and so much closer than we could ever imagine. He loves us so much that he has taken on our flesh, forgiven our sins, and defeated our most terrifying enemies—even the last enemy, death.
This is a God to love, a God to reverence, and a God to honor with our whole lives!"
The Word Among Us Daily Meditation for 2/21/11

"It is only in prayer, in the intimacy of a face-to-face and personal dialogue with God which opens up the mind and the heart, that the man of faith can deepen his understanding of god's will with respect to his own life."
A. del Portillo, On Priesthood

I am Reading ~
Mansfield Parby Jane Austen
Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey
One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp 
Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach
The One Year Women's Friendship Devotional by Cheri Fuller and Sandra P. Aldrich

I am Creating Something of Beauty with My Hands ~
My "sewing buddy" Emma in NY have made a plan. The first project we will work through will be an Oliver and S Pattern bedtime story pajamas sewing pattern. We have two weeks to accomplish this and then we will move on to the next project. I will post pictures and fabric selections in a separate post. Fun, fun, fun!

On My iPod ~
lots of fabulous praise and worship music, books and even a few lectures on structure and voice when writing a novel. I love how much stuff this tiny device holds. It helps so much as I am driving to and fro.

I am Writing ~
...on the memoir...plodding away...slowly but surely...

Towards Rhythm and Beauty in my Home this Week ~
This week I will be rearranging the artwork and family pictures on the walls in the living room and hallway. I would like to create a more dedicated "icon wall" to help me focus during early morning prayer time. I was reminded by a friend that Christ should always be front and center in my home and so He shall.
   One day at a time, one task at a time.

Living the Liturgy Daily ~
Soup recipes are spilling out on the dining room table as we speak. I am looking for simple and hearty recipes that will nourish our bodies during this Lenten Season. What a special time in the church year. Mother Church provides a time of fasting and penitence that I grow to love more and more the older I get. I pray it will be a fruitful Lent for you as well. 

I am Hoping and Praying for ~
*In gratitude and thanksgiving for Jerry who completed his Masters Degree in Military History receiving his diploma this week. Glorious day indeed!

* for Courtney and all the little changes that end up affecting her in a BIG way.

* for the Middle East and it's people. May God guide them as they pursue a democratic future

* for a return to civility with the political discourse in this country. Words have power and people need to be personally responsible for the words and deeds. "Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." Mother Teresa

* for my cousin Anne who is deployed to Afghanistan and our family friend Gerard at Marine Boot Camp in Paris Island. May God protect all those who serve this wonderful nation.

*for Jerry's Dad who is recovering from surgery on his foot. My God grant patience to my mother-in-law and peaceful healing to Don. It's going to be a long two months I think.

* for those I hold close to my heart that are suffering from depression or anxiety. That God's healing grace will seep into every part of their life relieving them of these issues.

* for someone dear to me who is expecting once more. That God may protect both Momma and little one. 

*for Caleb and his Momma and Daddy. That they may feel hope once more in the midst of great sacrifice. 

* for those who are searching for their purpose in this world. That God may grant them a passionate perseverance to discover His plan for them.

*for Suzanne at church who prays for my girl, just because

*for a dear friend who received a scary diagnosis last week. That she may find the answers and the treatment needed to restore her to full health.

*for the six woman I have prayed with weekly for over 10 years now. That God may guide their daily paths as family needs and obligations prevent us from being physically present to one another at this time. May God shelter them and the ones they hold closest to their hearts.

*for a special intention

"Pray, Hope and Don't Worry" ~ Padre Pio 

In the Garden ~
The plans for the garden continue. It's a little intimidating but I think we can do it. It's going to be a challenge and an adventure. 

In the Kitchen ~
I am trying to finish working my way through the deep freeze. The next time I do a big cook I will make sure I diversify a wee bit more. I must admit I am a bit tired of pasta cooked fifty million different ways. I am looking forward to the 40 days of soup and scripture. My mind, body and soul are craving simplicity.

Courtney's World ~
Courtney is hanging in there. It has been almost one week since we changed her seizure meds and so far we are holding at two big seizures a day. She is a little groggy from the change but that's to be expected. Her schedule has become even more important in the last week due to the requests for data and information for the new neurologist. Have I ever told you how much I hate data sheets? Well I do! However they are a necessary evil at the moment so I will deal. 
I am really looking forward to the Spring. Courtney loves to be outside and it always brings a smile to her face. I long for porch sitting afternoons with my girl. 
Thank you for your continued prayer support. She will be undergoing some tests in the next two weeks that hopefully will yield some major answers for us a long time in coming. I humbly ask that you continue to lift my girl up. I promise to let you know when we know something.

A Picture Thought ~
3 years of hard work later, my guy holds his second master degree...this one in military history.
Congratulations Jer! I love you and am so proud of you!
Please join Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience to celebrate the little gifts given each day by the ONE who loves us most!

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