there are days...and then there are DAYS...

The last 24 hours has been quit challenging. Yesterday I was faced with a difficult situation that required patience, perseverance, more patience and then some kick butt action to make things right. That took some serious time and a wee bit of my energy. I was looking forward to a quieter day today, lunch with my guy while Court was at school, maybe even a small trip to the bookstore for a latte and a new book. It was going to be calm and peaceful.

So of course what I received as the exact opposite cause that's just how it roles in my world. I am OK with it most of the time unless it affects my family. This morning I had to chase down more information about yesterdays issues to arrive at a resolution everyone could live with. After completing that task I headed off to the book store for that lovely latte. I had already made arrangements for lunch with my guy so I had an hour to spend in happy little bookstore heaven.

Then my phone rang and all hell broke lose.

That's how it happens every single time.

"She's seizing. 5 minutes and still going strong" says her teacher in a strong steady voice.

"I am on the way." I start with the "Hail Mary" and work my way through my standard emergency prayers. I move, down the escalator, out to the parking lot, into the car. I call my husband who was already headed my way for lunch. I tell him to head to the school, Court's in trouble.

I drive, trying not to break any traffic laws. I pray. The phone rings again.

"How much longer?" says her teacher.

"I am two minutes away."

"OK. I'll tell them to hang here and not take her." She hangs up.

Take her?? Take her where?? Realization hits me...crap, crap, crap...they had to call 911. The EMT's want to transport her. 

I drive a little faster, pray harder.

I pull into the parking lot, there are lights flashing. There's a fire truck and an ambulance. All the kids are in the cafeteria because it's lunch time. I park and run into the school.

She's in the clinic with L the nurse, her teacher B and about eight of the county's finest. All eyes on Momma as I rush to put my arms around my sleepy beauty. There are coos and whispers into her ears, prayers of thanksgiving rise from my lips and heart. She has made it through, by the grace of God, one more time.

L tells me to take a deep breath and be calm. My agitation is obvious. Then she describes what happened and why she called the EMT's. Courtney was gagging, really struggling to breathe, the intensity of the seizure, beginning to turn blue, it just kept going on and on, do we suction?? and so on. She gave her Ativan to help stop the seizure.

I thank her. She stayed calm and she followed the care plan. She is a rock star school nurse and I am so glad my girl is being well cared for.

The handsome 6'4" EMT asks if we want to transport to the ER. I look down and my sleeping pale wonder and tell them thank you but no, we're going home. We've done this for 18 years and all the ER Doc will say is that there is nothing they can do.

I thank them all for being there for Court. I sign the papers and Jerry and I bundle her up and head out the door, pushing her wheelchair. It's stop and go. There are hugs from teachers, students and staff. We are loved more and more through each of them. They all care about our beautiful girl so much and we are beyond blessed to have them walk this journey with us.

Jer heads back to work and I take Sleeping Beauty home. There are calls to make to doctors, checking in and making sure there wasn't anything else we needed to do. Momma needs to do everything she can to protect her girl and make her world as safe as possible.

Courtney sleeps peacefully. To look at her now you would never know the hell of those ten minutes. But she shoulders on doing her best to be who God made her to be...our sunshine, our heart, our miracle.

There are days...and then there are DAYS!

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