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***Update 3/15/11: I hope this finds you enjoying a fruitful Lenten Season. I will be posting a few book reviews during these next few weeks as a reviewer for Revell Publishing. I hope they inspire you to take a breath and be still for a bit with a good book. Blessings my friends...M

In preparing for the greatest penitential season of the year, I had some decisions to make. As you, my wonderful readers know, lately life has been a little overwhelming with my bout with cellulitis, Courtney's on-going fight to keep weight on and her daily battle with seizures. Between all that, working part-time, having a hubby working insane hours and trying to keep up with the house and extended family, I am just plain tired. 
         I am a dreamer. I always have such great plans and usually start out with great passion but as time goes on, I tend to lose focus and many times I just don't finish. This is a horrible habit and one I am determined to fix this year. In order to do this I needed to take a very long look at my daily schedule to figure out my proper priorities. I also spent a great deal of time on prayer about what those should be. 
          The world moves at an exceedingly fast pace these days and it is very challenging to keep up, especially while taking care of a special-needs child while loving and caring for my husband and home. As I prayed about these things God in His infinite wisdom sent me a few trials to get through showing me clearly what I am to be doing.
          Tomorrow Lent begins. Six weeks of prayer, fasting, alms giving and being still as we prepare for the holiest day of the year Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Our Lord. It is the perfect opportunity to  be quiet for a bit, to finish things like my book and several other projects. It's a time to re-establish balance in my life and seek His wisdom about some big changes coming my way. 
         So my friends, I will be coming off social media for the next six weeks. I have no doubt Facebook and Twitter will do just fine without me and I pray that you my faithful readers will as well. I ask for your prayers over the next six weeks:
~ for Courtney to gain weight and have her seizure meds stabilize so she can fully participate in her world.
~ for me and my writing. I have six weeks to finish this memoir and I know I can do it with your prayer support.
~ for some changes coming to my life in the near future. For clear direction and suggestion of action. 
         Thank you my friends for your willingness to pray for me and my family. I hope your Lent is fruitful and know that I will be praying for each of you. If you have a special prayer request please email me at I would be honored to pray more specifically for you and your needs. May you have a Blessed Lent. 

See you in April!

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