the rhythm of home ~ watching and weighing

Outside My Window ~ a brisk spring afternoon filled with lots of sunshine. The birds are singing and the kids are out riding their bikes. I am surrounded by laughter and Courtney's little snores. She has been right next to me for about an hour now and just had a seizure so healing sleep is what is needed right now. Snuggle time for Mommy is a bonus. 
I know I said I was taking a blogging, FB and tweeting fast for Lent and I am. However, today is Sunday and there is no fasting on Sunday, the Lords Day. So I thought I would check in and say hi to all y'all. I will also post later this week with a book review and author interview. 
I have missed you. 

I am Listening To ~ my Courtney's little snores and birds chirping through the window. The Food Network is playing quietly in the living room. Maybe it will inspire tonight's dinner...

I am Wearing ~
Flannel plaid pants with a blue thermal henley and lovely warm wool socks. Sunday afternoon is one of my favorite times of the week. A day of rest without Spanks!

I am Blessed and Grateful For ~
#201 ~ #231:
*a manicure which was a gift from my sister
*surprises that arrive in the mail
*the deep cleansing breath my girls takes at the end of a seizure

*for “Coldcalm” and other homeopathic remedies that allow my girl to heal without doing further damage to her immune system.
*for my husband who assures me that we “will get by” even if I am unable to work for a time.
*for the gift of imagination that runs through the fingers of my son and spills with glorious details upon a page.
*For Amanda, my new weight loss cheerleader
*the gift to recognize when I am feeling envious of someone or something to be able to let that go and rejoice in anothers good fortune
*bacon, lettuce, tomato on wheat bread with a smear of mayo...delight on a rainy afternoon.
*new fabric bundles arrive and the endless possibilities light my creative path
*God’s word, strong and true, instilling a deeper commitment to quiet dialouge.
*new tennis shoes = new adventures
 *A stunning spring day with a fluttering breeze
 *sun hats brought out of winter doldrums
*ponytails holders that try to corral a cocoughany of curls for a blue-eyed lovely
 *fresh produce green with life
 *Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park” on DVD
* A Saturday night spent watching movies with my one true love
 *strong men doing the spring chores with joy and laughter
 *a smile from MIss Courtney, the first one in four days...pure joy.
 *putting away the heavy sweaters and taking out clothing for warmer days
 *weeding, mulching and preparing the beds for new growth
 *hot vegetable soup served to fill the tummys of those I love
 *a clean and ironed tablecloth covering upon the family table celebrating lighter days
 *a supportive group of weight watcher companions each cheering me on to look at food as *nourishment for the body not as a balm for all that ails my heart and soul
 *words that soothe and encourage, given freely with joy
 *a good book on a Sunday afternoon
 *a day of rest
 *physicians with calm and steady countenance
 *modern medicine - a true gift
* 4.4 pounds lost in seven days of paying attention to how I nourish my body

I am Pondering ~
"How great is the power of PRAYER... To be heard it is not necessary to read from a book some beautiful formula composed for the occasion... I do like children who do not know how to read, I say very simply to God what I wish to say, without composing sentences, and He always understands me. For me, prayer is an aspiration of the heart, it is a simple glance directed to heaven, it is a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trail as well as joy; finally it is something great, supernatural which explains my soul and unites me to Jesus"
St Therese of Lisieux 

I am Reading ~
Toys by James Patterson and Neil McMahon
Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews

I am Creating Something of Beauty with My Hands ~
I chose Courtney's Prom dress pattern and fabric. I will be spending the next few weeks working on that so we are ready togo in May. This will be her first Special Needs Prom and I could not be more excited for her. They really go all out and I know she is going to have a great time. 
On My iPod ~
I have been trying to write in quiet this Lent so not a lot going on here.

I am Writing ~
...on the memoir and this blog...plodding away...slowly but surely...

Towards Rhythm and Beauty in my Home this Week ~
I did a complete house cleaning over two days last week. I feel so much more prepared for this week and all it's business. I have cut back on my work hours to allow for getting some cleaning and errand running done during the week so that the weekends are open for family time. 

Living the Liturgy Daily ~
It is amazing what God has brought to me this Lent. He is really challenging my ability to trust Him completely with ALL aspects of my life. This whole weight struggle has come to a head and I have had to really rely on God and His strength because I have none of my own. I am tired and overwhelmed but I know that He will not leave my I must continue to try. 

I am Hoping and Praying for ~
*for the NFP witness talk we will be giving this week at our parish. I pray that god will give Jerry and I the grace that is needed to bear one's soul. God does indeed make all things new!

*Miss Courtney's care plan and new meds. May God continue to guide her doctors. 

* for a return to civility with the political discourse in this country. Words have power and people need to be personally responsible for the words and deeds. "Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." Mother Teresa

* for my cousin Anne and our friends son Mark, who are deployed to Afghanistan as well as our family friend Gerard at Marine Boot Camp in Paris Island. May God protect all those who serve this wonderful nation.

*for Jerry's Dad who is recovering from surgery on his foot. My God grant patience to my mother-in-law and peaceful healing to Don. It's going to be a long two months I think.

* for my sister-in-law Nancy who is expecting my new niece or nephew in September. That God may protect both Momma and little one. 

*for Caleb and his Momma and Daddy. That they may feel hope once more in the midst of great sacrifice. 

* for those who are searching for their purpose in this world. That God may grant them a passionate perseverance to discover His plan for them.

*for Suzanne at church who prays for my girl, just because

*for a dear friend who is undergoing treatment. That her physical strength remains strong and her spirits high.

*in thanksgiving for my two godchildren Peter and Lilly who turned four. I am so honored to be your Godmother. 

*for Lachlan and his Mommy and Daddy. May God guide the doctors giving them wisdom and perseverance in treating this little miracle.

*for the six woman I have prayed with weekly for over 10 years now. That God may guide their daily paths as family needs and obligations prevent us from being physically present to one another at this time. May God shelter them and the ones they hold closest to their hearts.

*for our priests who are under attack. That God may protect and provide for.

*for a special intention

"Pray, Hope and Don't Worry" ~ Padre Pio 

In the Garden ~
We spent all day yesterday cleaning up the yard getting ready for the square foot gardens to go in next weekend. I can just see the veggies awesome I can't wait. We will transplant the azaleas and the blackberry bushes next weekend. Loving this wonderful gardening weather.

In the Kitchen ~
"Soup and Scripture" has been an absolute bomb. With my recent medical issues, I have had to rethink everything in the kitchen. The pantry has been cleaned out and now my challenge is laid out before me. I need to make healthy meals that fit within my new Weight Watchers plan that are made from whole foods. I refuse to bake with Splenda and other fake ingredients. I would rather have no sugar at all! I am excited by this challenge and I look forward to sharing my recipes after Lent.

Courtney's World ~
Tough week. A double ear infection, her monthly cycle AND a cold. Yea Team! It has been quite the ride let me tell you! Her seizures have increased slightly but all in all she is doing fairly well in that department, thank you Lord! She has missed quite a few days of school but I refuse to be one of those parents who send their kid to school when they are sick. She heads back tomorrow so say a prayer that things go well. Still waiting for her tests to come back...patience is not my strong suit you know.

A Picture Thought ~
Hot vegetable soup for two boys on a break from cleaning
away the debris of winter.
Hair pulled back into Mommies favorite...the "Cindy-Lou-Who" hairdo
A new waffle recipe with wheat germ and fresh blackberries...sweet delight!

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