The last 72 hours have been a bit of a jumble. In our house medical issues/crisis arise daily with Courtney but this week she has been doing fairly well. Apparently today it was her Mommas turn. 

Yea me! 

On Monday, I noticed that on the left side of my face, right by the "apple" of my cheek, it was a little swollen and red, It hurt when I touched it. I thought it was probably a bug bite or something. So I went on with my day and tried not to think about it.

Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful. I went to go wash my face that morning and noticed the swelling was worse. So I made an appointment with my primary care doc and  headed over yesterday afternoon. He did a complete exam ruling out sinus issues, anything neurological, abscess with my teeth, and numerous other things. He thought it was an allergic reaction to a spider bite. He sent me home with a prescription of an antibiotic and told me to ice it down.

So I went home and did what I was told. It was getting more painful by the hour and the swelling was not getting better. I slept upright last night and by this morning I knew I was in trouble because the entire left side of my face was swollen. NOT good.

So I called the doc and he told me to head to the ER. He had no idea why it would get worse so he didn't want me to mess around. After getting coverage for Courtney I headed to the ER.

Once I was registered things happened quickly. The doctor was quick and efficient. He did a thorough exam asking all kinds of questions and I almost kicked him as he examined my face. Yowza it hurt! They put in an IV and started a pain medication as well as a round of IV antibiotics.

They took more blood and then informed me I was going to have a CAT scan to make sure it wasn't an abscess that would need to be drained surgically. I have never had a CAT scan. Miss Courtney has had several that I have held her hand through but me not so much.

When we arrived at the room I moved ever so graciously (think open hospital gown with hot pink striped undies...special) from the ER gurney to the little CAT scan slab where the technician placed my head in a helmet like device. I couldn't move and I had to hold my face just so. I felt my heart rate speed up and I started to perspire. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.

It felt very, very, close. As the machine started to scan and the noise escalated, I breathed deeply and started to hum the song "Gentle Woman". I prayed with each verse in my head that the doctors would find something and that the pain would subside. I placed my own health in My Lord's hands. I said an Act of Contrition and reminded the BIG MAN of our deal...I take care of my Court...He takes care of me. I prayed, I sang, I kept breathing deeply.

An hour later He made good on his deal. I was diagnosed with cellulitis. It's painful and can be very serious if not treated quickly, especially on the face. I was sent home with two different types of antibiotics and a pain killer. The swelling has gone down since I have been home due to the IV antibiotics given at the ER. I will be OK in time.

Everyday of my life there is a lesson to be learned. Today was no different.

Lesson #1: I can do nothing without Jesus walking with me. I truly cannot. He has given me but one body and I am called to be a good steward of this most precious resource. I cannot be a strong mother for Courtney if I am not taking care of myself.

Lesson #2: Let go and let God. I had no control over what was going to happen at the ER. I had no idea what they were going to find. I just knew there had to be an answer and with God's guidance they found it.

Just another day at Chez Lenaburg. Thank you to all those who prayed and thanks to my Mom and husband who were there to help with Miss Courtney. I am so grateful for the medical care I received, so grateful.

Now I am going to indulge in a very large bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I hear it has strong medicinal healing properties.

Blessings and grace my friends,

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