{pretty. happy. funny. real} #1

I am jumping in on this fabulously sunny springy Thursday to say hello (HI Everyone!!) and post a few snippets of life just in case you have forgotten about me this Lenten season. Not to worry only ten days left and I will be back to boring you with the daily details that are my life. Thank to the lovely ladies over at Like Mother Like Daughter for sponsoring this weekly peak into the reality of daily life via photos. This is going to be pretty, happy, fun and real!

These are so beautiful...and...they are on my front porch! Yea so pretty!!
A batch of chocolate chip cookies make EVERYONE in my house happy, happy, happy!!
These are just plain FUN!! Watching me walk in the 5 inch heals...that's FUNNY!!
New shoes for a new season!!
This is what the kitchen REALLY looks like when the cookies are being made
{pretty, happy, funny, real}
Yep...I'm posting FIVE pieces of life this week...
My dear sweet Hannah
(my BFF Christine and Marques stunningly sweet and beeeeyouteeful daughter)
on her confirmation night with the Bish and her crazy sponsor ME!!
That night was pretty, fun, happy and real!!