{pretty. happy. funny. real} #2

It's that time once more. Time to take a few snapshots of daily life to share with Rosie and Auntie Lelia over @ Like Mother, Like Daughter. It's the "Holy Week" edition. Not feeling particularly holy at the moment with Easter looming and I am nowhere near prepared for the biggest day in the church year. So much to do, so little time. Sigh...this is the story of my life. Anyway...here we go...

the front yard is exploding with color. it makes me so very, very happy!
azaleas never fail to disappoint every single spring...love the vibrant color!
I never tire of this special smile. My sweet Courtney woke up happy after a lovely nap.
Here's my hubby with his favorite young Jedi Noahman.  The beaming newly minted seven year old was beyond thrilled to receive Star Wars pancake molds and spatulas from his special cooking buddy Mr. Jerry.
These two always make me laugh!!
the current state of my dining room table...yep...so much work to do!