{pretty. happy. funny. real} #3

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sorry no flowers this week...just my favorite 18 year old...
Miss Courtney...the prettiest blond I know!
This is my Goddaughter Lilly who recently turned four.
Is there anything happier than a little princess on her birthday??
I think not!!
I love the look on Jman's face as he is making the family's favorite cookies
...happy, happy, happy!
Yes, the way to a man's heart IS through his stomach...LOL!
I have NO idea what mischief these two are plotting...you never know in my house...LOL!
MIss Lilly listening to Cinderella sing. I laugh every time I see this picture.
She is just the best!
Alas not everything is beautiful here in my home...
the laundry is VERY real...sigh
Just keeping it real here at Passionate Perseverance! LOL!
Happy Thursday, 

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