5 minute friday...on forgetting

This is my first 5 Minute Friday post. Thanks Gypsy Mama for hosting this little exercise each week. I have been intrigued and inspired over the past few weeks as I have read several other bloggers musings written with a timer in five minutes. So, I thought I would give it a whirl...here we go...today's topic is on...

As I type this one of my very dear friends is sitting in the bleachers at the US Naval Academy watching her eldest son graduate and be sworn in as a 2ndLT in the Marine Core. It's a moment she won't ever forget. It's a moment I have never forgotten watching my soon to be hubby do the same thing 24 years ago, although he was becoming an Ensign in the Navy.

I have forgotten many things over the years:
the pain of childbirth, location of my keys on a daily basis, how to be patient with my son or husband, taking my vitamins, the name(s) of my neighbor(s), etc.

However there are things I cherish deep in my heart and pray I never forget:
*the sound of my Father's voice and the strength of his hands
*the smell of a newborn after their first bath
*the sound of my daughter's laughter
*the feel of her soft blond curls newly washed and shining
*the feel of my husbands hand in mine or his kiss upon my lips
*the smell of lasagna in the oven or fresh basil picked from my own garden
*the sound of my son reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to his sister with ALL the voices
*the wisdom of my mother
*the excitement over learning something new
*the feeling of my heart beating or my palms sweating before I speak in public...it means every things going to be fine
*the sweetness of the first strawberry of the season

OH...times up! What's on your "Never Forget" list?