beauty in the ashes...

I am always fascinated at how God brings beauty from the ashes.

My weekend was spent surrounded by a group of incredibly talented was beautiful. I listened. I learned. I was inspired and encouraged.

When I returned home on Sunday all was right with the world.

I substituted at Miss Courtney's school on Monday. Halfway through the morning, word came that after a sudden illness, one of Courtney's classmates has passed away in the arms of her sweet mother.

My heart settled into ashes.

When I first heard, I went and found my daughter and held her for a moment or two or three. I whispered what had happened into her ear and she placed her head on my shoulder. I told her C was in heaven and my girls face lit up with such joy. She knows that C is healed and will spend an eternity in the Glory of Our Lord singing, dancing and running with joy.

Courtney knows that one day she will join C with all the saints and angels in the heavenly choir. I think sometimes she is impatient for this day. This world can be so challenging bringing pain and confusion on a daily basis.

My daughter reminds me every single day that we are not made for this world. We are made for HIM. To be with HIM. To serve HIM. To love HIM.

My heart aches for C's mom and dad who have suffered other tragedy's this year that make this loss even more profound. I pray that they are able to feel the peaceful presence of Our Lord Jesus as they lay their daughter to rest tomorrow. I pray they know that their daughter brought such joy and happiness to those who met her and cared for her. Her smile will never leave my heart. Her spunk and determination will always be remembered.

I do not know what it is to lose a child. One day I will but today is not that day. Today I thank God for the beauty among the ashes. Today I thank God for hope because we are an Easter people. Today I hug my daughter a little tighter and renew my promise to God to love her and cherish her no matter what comes our way.

I am so blessed to see the beauty in the ashes...

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