mary's book basket ~ "the dawn of a dream" by ann shorey

Inspirational author Ann Shorey caught my attention with her latest novel The Dawn of the Dream (the third installment of her At Home in Beldon Grove series) with her unique hook in Chapter One. Our heroine is betrayed by her husband when he reveals that he has to return to his hometown AND his first wife! This was a first for me as a reader of inspirational fiction. I knew I had to read this book to see where the author would go with it.

Shorey's heroine, Luellen O'Connell, finds herself humiliated and tossed aside, unsure of what to do next when she is given a new opportunity to pursue her dream of teaching. Her family stands with her as she begins a new adventure. Along the way she meets a charming and handsome Army officer and over time they build a strong friendship leading to love by the end of the book.

This really is Luellen's story. You root for her from the beginning because of the raw deal she has been dealt. Ms. Shorey spends most of the book exploring the heroine's character arc, delving into her deeply held insecurities as well as her weaknesses. As the reader your drawn into her family and each of Luellen's sibling's journey. The canvas is rich with strife and emotion.

The author also does a good job with the setting. You are drawn into a time of our nation's history that explores the rumblings of political strife right before the Civil War. The one thing I did struggle with was the author's scene transitions. They were a bit jarring at times but it did not keep me from reading on.

Happy reading,