mary's book basket ~ "set free to live free" by saundra dalton-smith, md

I was really looking forward to reading Set Free to Live Free when it arrived in the mail. As a recovering perfectionist Dr. Dalton-Smith's work was of great interest to me.

Written from a Christian perspective and looking at seven lies women tell themselves. Dr. Dalton-Smith identifies these lies as Perfection (Perfection Is the Goal), Envy (I Would Be Happy Too If I Had Her Life), Image (If I Do This I Can Look Like That), Balance (Life Is an All-or-None Activity),  Control (Being In Control Is Better Than Spontaneity), Emotions (Emotional Imbalance Is Only for Crazy Women) and Limits (Everything Comes with Conditions).

Once these are thoroughly explained she goes through a plan to fight the insecurity's that affect woman on a daily basis. This work of non-fiction really spoke to my heart. Everything we do affects us both physically and spiritually. Dr. Dalton-Smith explores this connection and leads the reader to the truth. She uses real woman's stories to show how God can heal. He is the answer.

This is a book I will need to read again and really ponder how to apply the principals to my life. I sure could use a little setting free that's for sure.

Set Free to Live Free is now available from Revell Publishing. Go and get it. It will change your perspective in the most positive way!

Happy Reading,